HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 2 (1997)

Histological Variation among Aromatic Rice

L P. Awasthi | D Sharma | D M. Maurya

Discipline: Agriculture



Fifteen popular aromatic genotypes were studied to ascertain the variation for histological traits in leaves and shoots. Photomicrographs of the transverse sections of leaves revealed that the cuticle in all genotypes was thin compared with that of nonaromatic check, Mahsuri. The size of metaxylem, protoxylem, and phloem elements bundle were highly variable, Large metaxylem (50-60 nm), protoxylem (40-50 nm), and phloem (20-25 nm) were observed in mild aromatic genotypes (Adamchini, Kesar, Lalmati, and T3). They were of medium size in the nonaromatic check and in moderately aromatic genotypes (Kanakjeer, N12, Pusa 33, Sakkar chini A, T3, T9, and Tilak Chandan) and small in strongly aromatic genotypes (Basmati 370, Kalanamak, Kasturi, Phool Chameli A, and Pusa Basmati 1). Most of the genotypes had small- to medium-sized companion cells in the phloem.