HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 2 (1997)

Preliminary Studies on Response of a Rice-Based Crop Sequence to S and Zn in Temperate Kashmir, India

B Hasan

Discipline: Agriculture



This study varied levels and frequencies of S and Zn applications to determine effects on crop yields in a rice - rapeseed cropping pattern. It started in summer 1992, using a rice crop followed by rapeseed until winter 1994 at the university's Shalimar Research Farm (1587 m msl). The soil is an Alfisol (Hapludalf) silty clay loam, pH 6.8, organic C 0.37%, low in available N (alkaline permanganate method), low in available P (Olsen's method), and medium in available K (1 N neutral ammonium acetate method). It contained 9 ppm available S (ammonium acetate-acetic method) and 0.66 mg kg-1 Zn (DTPA extractable).