HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 2 (1997)

Effect of Foliage Pruning on Performance of Rice Under Semi-Deep Water Situations (50-100 cm)

A Ghosh | A R. Sharma

Discipline: Agriculture



We studied the response of rice yield to foliage pruning under excess water (>50 cm) at Cuttack during 1995 wet season using Panidhan (semi-tall, 180 d) and LPR312 (tall, 170 d) varieties. They were direct-sown in puddled soil the first week of June at 400 seeds m-1 in 20-cm row spacings with basal fertilizers at 40 kg N ha-1, 17.6 kg P ha-1, and 33.2 kg K ha-1. Foliage was pruned above the joint (collar) of the topmost leaf once or twice at 80,100, and 120 d after germination (DAG). A split-plot design was used, data analyzed by standard analysis of variance, and treatment means were compared at the 5% level.