HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 2 (1997)

Effect of Tillage and Fertilizer Levels on Grain Yield and Incidence of Brown Spot Disease In Rice

R A. Singh | P C. Pandey | B Das

Discipline: Agriculture



This study was done in kharif 1992 and 1993 at Pantnagar to observe the effect of tillage practices and fertilizer levels on rice production and disease incidence. A split-plot design was used with puddled ‘P’ and unpuddled ‘UP’ as main plots and two fertilizer levels as subplots of 11.8 × 6.0 m. Fertilizer levels were F1: 120 kg N ha-1, 17 kg P ha-1, and 33 kg K ha-1 and F2: 100 kg N ha-1, 26 kg P ha-1, and 50 kg K-ha-1. In ‘UP’ plots, the seeds of cv Pant Dhan 4 were drilled in 20 cm rows on 20 Jun 1992 and 3 Jul 1993, and in P plots 30-d-old seedlings were transplanted on 23 Jul 1992 and 7 Jul l993 with a spacing of 20 × 15 cm. Phosphorus and potash were given basally and N was applied in three splits, 50% P and 25% UP as basal; 25% P and 50% UP at tillering; and 25% (P and UP) at panicle initiation.