HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Stress Experiences among Graduating Students of Isabela State University San Mateo Campus, Philippines

Rosalie C. Leal

Discipline: Education, Health



The present generation of graduating college students belongs to the most time-pressed generation in history. With this, the need for research concerning stress experience is deemed necessary. In this study, stress experiences among graduating students of Isabela State University San Mateo campus has been evaluated and analyzed. A descriptive method and a three-part questionnaire were utilized to collect data. Data were processed through the SPSS program. The gathered data were treated statistically using One-way Analysis of Variance (F-test) at 5 percent level of significance to determine if there were significant differences between the stress experiences and demographic profile. T-test was also used to evaluate the differences in means between two groups. Results showed that the graduating students of Isabela State University San Mateo campus experienced the different causes/sources, effects and coping mechanisms of stress, the graduating students experienced academic pressures and the causes/sources of stressor. Results also revealed that effects of stressor differ between male and female. Thus, knowledge of the causes/ sources; effects and coping mechanisms of stress help college students confront stress constructively. Therefore, faculty and administration shall strengthen the Guidance Program considering the physical, psychological and academic effects of stress.