HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 2 (1997)

Predation of Chilo Suppressalis (Walker) Eggs by the Black Cricket Metioche Vittaticollis (Stål)

H Lee | M. L P. Almazan | K L. Heong

Discipline: Agriculture



Metioche vittaticollis (Stål) is an important predator of rice insect pests, including several defoliators and stem borers. Little information is available about its role in suppressing pest populations.


We studied the predation of M. vittaticollis using striped stem borer (SSB) eggs as prey in insect cages. Freshly laid egg masses of SSB were glued to leaves of 35-d-old TN1 rice plants at densities of 80, 160, 240, 320, and 400 plant-1. These plants were enclosed individually in 11-cm-diam and 55-cm-high cylindrical mylar cages. One M. vittaticollis, starved for 12 h, was released for each test plant. Fourth-instar larvae and adult male and female crickets were caged individually with the eggs, and the experiment was replicated 10 times. After 24 h of exposure, the number of eggs consumed at each stage was recorded. Consumption rate per day at each stage of M. vittaticollis was determined.