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The Relationship of Time Management to Academic Performance of Selected Third Year Nursing Students of Arellano University, 2008-2009

Monica Jane F. Mendoza | Nenci Gay T. Gonzales | Criza Aina A. Masa | Clarissa Angelica L. Mingi | Marie Antonette C. Ocampo

Discipline: Nursing



There is an old saying that “Time is gold." It is also the only thing that people cannot replace. Time flies so quickly that once it is gone, nobody can ever bring it back. According to Ferner (2003), “time controls and limits how we use other resources. Thus, it is often referred to as our most valuable resource.” Similarly, in the health care setting, time affects both money and quality according to Severance and Cervantes (2003). For every individual, there is a finite and identifiable limit to the minutes and hours available to do work and for leisure. How you use it defines the person’s character and values about time.


Many nursing students complain about needing more time to perform various roles in different settings. They have to manage time not only as students but also as a child, partner, or a friend. Being a student alone is stressful because of the expectation of parents and relatives to perform well in school. With the escalating burden in the workload of nursing student as graduation approaches, time management becomes even more difficult. One has to juggle his time for both academics and clinical duties without compromising his academic performance.


It is for these reasons that the researchers decided to investigate the relationship of time management and academic performance of selected third year nursing students of Arellano University for School Year 2008-2009.

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