HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 3 (1997)

Analysis of Genetic and Genotype × Environment Interaction Effects on Heterosis of Nutrient Quality Traits in Indica Hybrid Rice

Chunhai Shi | Jun Zhu | Yonggui Yu | Xiaoe Yang | Jianming Xue

Discipline: Agriculture, Genetics



Nine cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines and five restorer lines of indica rice were used in an incomplete diallel cross (9 × 5) for 2 yr. The CMS lines were Zhexie 2 A, Xieqingzao A, Zhenan 3 A, Gangchao 1 A, Yinchai 1 A, Erjiuqing A, V20A, Zuo 5 A, and Zhenshan 97 A and the five restoring lines were T49, Cezao 2-2, 26715, 102, and 1391. They were randomly sampled from a reference population. Seedlings of parents and F1s with three replications were planted in the field experimental farm at ZAU. Seeds were sown on 28 Mar 1994 and 3 Apr 1995, and single plants of 31-d-old seedlings were transplanted at 20- × 20- cm spacing, 24 plants in each plot. Seed samples of parents and F1 and F2 plants were derived at maturity from eight plants in the middle part of the plot. The F1 seeds which were harvested from female parents were obtained by crossing CMS lines to restorer lines at flowering. Quantitative traits of rice nutrient quality (see table) were measured with three replications for each sample of parents, F1s, and F2s.