HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 22 no. 3 (1997)

FARO 45 to FARO 49: Two Early-Maturing and Three Medium-Maturing Upland Rice Varieties Released in Nigeria

E. D. Imolehin | M. N. Ukwungwu | J. K. Kehinde | A. T. Maji | J. A. Akinremi | B. N. Singh | O. Oladimeji

Discipline: Agriculture, Genetics



Upland rice is grown on 30% of the 1.77 million ha planted to rice in Nigeria. In August 1996, the National Crop Variety Release Committee released two early maturing and three medium-maturing upland rice varieties for different agroecological zones in Nigeria. Their characteristics are shown in the table.


FARO 45 is more suited to the northwestern and northeastern zones, while FARO 46 is recommended for all the five agroecological zones of the country. Both are harvested at around 100 d after seeding.