HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 23 no. 1 (1998)

Wide hybridization for diversification of CMS in rice

N. T. Hoan | N. P. Sarma | E. A. Siddiq

Discipline: Agriculture, Genetics



To identify new sources of male sterility-inducing cytoplasm within the A genome of genus Oryza, 132 inter-specific crosses involving accessions of four wild (O. rufipogon, O. nivara, O. barthii, and O. longistaminata) and two cultivated species (O. sativa and O. glaberrima) were effected. Accessions possessing sterility-inducing cytoplasm were identified following reciprocal and F2 backcross methods and advanced through substitution backcrossing to develop cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines.