HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 23 no. 1 (1998)

Screening rice germplasm for floral attributes that influence

S. K. Sahoo | R. Singh | L. C. Prasad | R. M. Singh | D. K. Singh | S. K. Agrawal

Discipline: Agriculture, Genetics



A cytosterile line with high outcrossing potential would economize the cost of hybrid seed production in rice. We screened rice germplasm to identify genotypes with useful floral traits that could influence outcrossing. We used prospective maintainers and restorers in a testcross nursery program. Isola- tion of prospective maintainers with useful floral characteristics could lead to the development of cytosterile lines with high outcrossing potential through a backcrossing program. We evaluated 75 genotypes for floral and related traits: duration of opening of florets, angle of opened florets, percentage of exserted stigma, spikelet length, anther length, stigma length, panicle length, number of effective tillers plant-1, grain yield plant-1, and plant height.