HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 23 no. 1 (1998)

Storage potential of parental lines of hybrid rice

S. R. Prabagaran | A. S. Ponnuswamy

Discipline: Agriculture, Seed Technology



To elucidate the storability of parental lines of hybrid rice, we studied seed quality parameters (such as germinability and vigor index) and some biochemical traits. Seeds of different parental lines of hybrid rice-A lines (IR62829A and IR58025A), B lines (IR62829B and IR58025B), and R lines (IR10198-66-2R, AS89044, Pusa 150R, C20, and C22) having superior germinability-were stored in cloth and 400-gauge polyethylene bags. The seeds were evaluated for seed quality parameters at bimonthly intervals for 12 mo. Finally, they were subjected to accelerated aging for 9 d in an aging chamber (40 C and 100% relative humidity).