HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 23 no. 3 (1998)

Breeding of Gan Wan Nuo 5, A New High-Quality Glutinous Indica Variety

F. S. Cao | S. F. Yang | S. L. Yang

Discipline: Agriculture



Gan wan nuo 5, released in 1993 by the Jiangxi Provincial Seed Board, is a new glutinous indica rice variety with high quality. It was derived from the cross MY82166/Ma ba xian nuo. MY82166 is an indica rice with high resistance to blast, whereas Ma ba xian nuo is an aromatic glutinous indica variety. Gan wan nuo 5 is suitable for later season planting in the double-cropped area of southern China and single cropped area of central China. Yield of this variety averaged 6.8 t ha-1 in double-cropped areas; it was 7.5 t ha-1 in single-cropped areas. This yield was 7% more than that of Jing Nuo 6, a glutinous check, and nearly the same as that of Shan you 63, a check hybrid. Because of its high quality and other good traits (see table), the award winning Gan wan nuo 5 is replacing Jing Nuo 6 in many areas.