HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 23 no. 3 (1998)

Potential Sources of Resistance against RGSV-2 in Wild Rice Germplasm

E. Coloquio | R. C. Cabunagan | O. Azzam

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management



IRRI varieties released after IR28 possess a source of resistance from Oryza nivara against rice grassy stunt virus, RGSV-1 strain. Although the resistance seems to be durable, the presence of a resistance-breaking strain, RGSV-2 (Hibino et al 1985), raises concerns about possible outbreaks if no new sources of resistance are found. Since 1985, about 12,000 accessions have been screened against the two strains, but no suitable resistance sources have been identified (Koganezawa 1994). Thus, during 1996-97, a collection of wild rice species was screened for RGSV-2 using the standard mass-screening cage method (Ling et al 1970) and some accessions, which showed low visual scores, were evaluated further using the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).