HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 23 no. 3 (1998)

Pratylenchus Zeae in Upland Rice as Influenced by Ratio of Intercropped Maize

D. L. Coyne | A. Ndongidila | I. Oyediran | E. A. Heinrichs | R. A. Ploywright

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management



In West Africa, maize is commonly relayed or intercropped with upland rice in traditional low-input systems. The density of maize as an intercrop may vary depending on many factors, including individual farmer preferences and country or region. Some nematodes that parasitize rice are common to maize, notablyPratylenchus zeae, which is a pest of both crops. This study was done to examine the influence of maize - rice intercropping on the population density of P. zeae in rice.