HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 24 no. 2 (1999)

KHRS26 (KHP5) for upland Direct-Seeded Conditions

Y.g. Shadakshari | H.m. Chandrappa | A. Manjunath | K.s. Chandrasekhar

Discipline: Agriculture



Rainfed kharif rice is the major field crop in the hill zone of Karnataka (11°56' and 15°46' N latitude and 74°31' and 76°4' E longitude). Rainfall in the zone ranges from 1,363 to 3,426 mm, with an average of 2,173 mm. Rice is grown as a drill-sown crop in the uplands and, to some extent, in the midlands, where rainfall is medium to low; it is mostly a transplanted crop in the lowlands. Crop area in the zone is 284,700 ha, with an annual production of 723,000 t. It represents nearly 23% of the rice area in the state. The average production in the zone is lower (2.5 t ha-1) than that of the state (3 t ha-1).