HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 24 no. 2 (1999)

Usefulness of Blast Resistance Genes and Their Combinations in Different Blast-Endemic Locations in India

R. Sridhar | U. D. Singh | P. K. Agrawal | J. N. Reddy | S. S. Chandrawanshi | R. B. S. Sanger | J. C. Bhatt | Y. Rathaiah | K. V. S. R. K. Row

Discipline: Agriculture, Pest Management, Crop Science



Identification of functional blast (caused by Pyricularia grisea) resistance genes for a particular region is a prerequisite for their meaningful deployment. In a mini-network program, we evaluated some blast resistance genes in six blast-endemic locations spread over five different states in India (Cuttack in Orissa, Jagadalpur and Ambikapur in Madhya Pradesh, Almora in Uttar Pradesh, Jorhat in Assam, and Suttur in Karnataka). Plants were raised from seeds sown thickly (650-700 seeds m-2) under Uniform Blast Nursery conditions during the 1998 wet season.