HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 25 no. 2 (2000)

Partnership in agricultural extension

G. P. Ojha

Discipline: Agriculture



Partnership has been recognized as a strategy for attaining effectiveness and efficiency in agricultural research and development. Research and evaluation studies on this theme, however, are not adequate (Carney 1998).

A study was conducted in Chitwan, Nepal, to assess the effectiveness of partnership between and among government (GO), nongovernment (NGO), and private (PO) organizations. Through informal discussion and peer ratings, the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) was selected as the GO, the Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) as the NGO, and four private entrepreneurs (Inter Nepal Agrovet, Beera Agrovet, Narayani Agrovet, and Kisan Seva Agrovet) dealing with agricultural inputs as POs. Identified partners, together with farmers, selected the research problem and technologies related to the crop variety that farmers preferred--rice, hybrid maize, and sunflower. The partners divided responsibilities and agreed to work together through a memorandum of understanding.