HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 25 no. 3 (2000)

Blast Analysis of the Terminal Sequences of Cloned Markers from the Genetic Map of Rice

S. Constantino | A. Resurreccion | B. Albano | J.-a. Champoux | C. Villareal | G S. Khush | J. Bennett

Discipline: Agriculture, Plant Genetics



Functional genomics seeks to assign a biological function to the sequences of genes and intergenic regions. This assignment may be accomplished by forward genetics, reverse genetics, or a variety of ancillary approaches. Experience shows that a large minority (25-42%) of anonymous gene sequences from a plant such as rice have sufficient sequence similarity to already characterized genes from rice or other organisms so that a reasonable inference can be made as to the class of protein encoded by the gene (Yamamoto and Sasaki 1997, Harushima et al 1998). While this sort of analysis usually falls short of establishing biological function, it can provide important clues, especially when combined with the location of the gene on a genetic or physical map of rice (Harushima et al 1998).