HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 26 no. 1 (2001)

Inheritance Study of Nodal Rooting in Deepwater Rice

P M. Mohapatra | A R. Panda | S. N. Ratho

Discipline: Agriculture, Plant Breeding




Deepwater rice varieties are characterized by their ability to elongate under excess water. Besides elongation ability, these varieties possess nodal roots, nodal tillers, and kneeing ability, among others. Nodal roots are needed by deepwater rice because, under conditions of excess water, basal roots rot and plants float on the water surface. Nodal roots keep the plants buoyant and facilitate the uptake of water soluble nutrients (Khan et al 1982, Boonwite 1979). Boonwite (1979) found an insignificant but positive correlation between elongation ability and nodal rooting. Tripathy and Balakrishna Rao (1985) also studied the inheritance of characters including nodal rooting that are associated with the floating habit.