HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 26 no. 1 (2001)

Equilibrium Moisture Content of Rice and Maize upon Drying

R. Arief | T. M. Lando

Discipline: Agriculture



Cereal grain is ordinarily harvested at moisture contents above safe storage levels; therefore, additional drying is usually needed (Robayo and Pfost 1973). During drying, heat is necessary to evaporate moisture from the grain and a flow of air is needed to carry away the evaporated moisture (Trim and Robinson 1994).

The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of cereal grain is important in both drying and storage because of its relationship with the relative humidity RH) and temperature of the air. Crop grains (including cereals) are hygroscopic and will lose or gain moisture until equilibrium is reached with the surrounding air (Henderson and Perry 1955, Trim and Robinson 1994).