HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 26 no. 2 (2001)

Decision support systems (DSS): information technology in a changing world

R. Bakker-dhaliwal | M A. Bell | P. Marcotte | S. Morin

Discipline: Information Technology, Agriculture



Traditionally, geographical distances between potential centers and users ofinformation,such as IRRI and universities, have made the acquisition and delivery ofinformation intermittent and inconsistent. The significance of this physical distancehas dramatically decreased with the advent of the computer, and more recently, theInternet, which have become effective and efficient tools for delivering information bothlocally and globally. In the agricultural sector, which is in the midst of powerful changesinfluenced by industrialization and modernization, farm consolidations, reduced or eliminatedsubsidies, environmental limitations, land use conflicts, biotechnology, and increasedoverall risk, the availability, accessibility, and application of contemporary expert agriculturalinformation is of high priority for farmers, technicians, and researchers. In responseto these changes and demands for the most current information, numerous scientific andacademic institutions have turned to computerized decision support systems (DSS) as ameans of packaging biological, agricultural, and technical information to make the informationmore easily accessible and useful for various beneficiaries in a rapidly transformingand competitive world.