HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 26 no. 2 (2001)

Sashi (CN842-15-5, IET14105), a high-yielding, long-slender grain variety for shallow water conditions in West Bengal, India

S.k. Sinha | B K. Mandal | S D. Chatterjee

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture



Most varieties cultivated for shallow water conditions have bold grains, resulting in a low return from low market value. A breeding program began in 1984-85 to select for long-slender grain lines only from segregating generations along with other desired characters such as high grain yield and disease and pest resistance.

Sashi, derived from crossing IR50 and Patnai 23, was first nominated to the All-India testing under the Initial Variety Trial (shallow water) with IET14105 in 1993 after testing at the RRS under shallow water conditions. Based on overall performance, it was promoted to the Advanced Variety Trial (shallow water) in 1995 and subsequently recommended for cultivation in West Bengal and eastern Uttar Pradesh in 1997, released for West Bengal by the state Variety Release Committee in 1999 for shallow water areas, and finally approved for seed production by the Variety Identification Committee in 2000.