HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 26 no. 2 (2001)

Newspaper: a new attractant for golden apple snail management

M. S. De La Cruz | R. C. Joshi

Discipline: Zoology, Agriculture



Rice farmers in the Philippines widely use synthetic commercial molluscicides against golden apple snail (GAS) Pomacea canaliculata, with little, if any, consideration of hazards to non-target organisms and the environment. Other management options are seldom employed on a community basis for various reasons.

Farmers report that manual handpicking of GAS shells is backbreaking and herding of ducks after harvest and before planting produces an itch among farm workers. We studied several attractant materials, including newspaper, as potential tools to minimize human health hazards and inconvenience in managing GAS. Newspapers, not known to farmers as a GAS attractant, are easily biodegradable, readily available, and recyclable. In addition, they do not threaten plant biodiversity loss. We hope that this tool will further reduce the misuse of synthetic commercial molluscicides.