HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 26 no. 2 (2001)

Effect of intercropping grain legume and green manure for multiple use on rice

R. Kalpana | S. P. Palaniappan | S. Mythili

Discipline: Agriculture



Multipurpose legumes can be grown in the summer, grain and haulms harvested (for fodder), and the ratooned regrowth used as green manure for the following rice crop. By adopting such a system, farmers get additional income from legume grains, fodder for animals, and green manure for rice. One such system involving red gram and green gram intercropped with two green manure crops was evaluated. Field experiments were conducted at TNAU, Coimbatore, during the summer (Mar-Jun) and monsoon (Jul-Oct) seasons. The soil of the experimental field was black clay, classified taxonomically as Vertic Ustochreft, with low available N, medium available P, and high available K. Prerice crops included grain legumes, such as green gram (Vigna radiata) variety CO 45 and red gram (Cajanus cajan) variety ICPH 73, and green manure crops Sesbania rostrata and S. aculeata. In the intercropped stand, grain legumes and green manure crops were raised in a 3:1 proportion. The grain legume and green manure treatments were laid out in a randomized block design and replicated thrice.