HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 27 no. 1 (2002)

Dhan Laxmi and Richharia, very early rice varieties released in Bihar, India

T. Thakur | A K. Singh | R S. Singh | N. K. Singh | S. B. Mishra | M Mishra | U.k. Singh | J. N. Rai | V.k. Chaudhary

Discipline: Agriculture



Flood and drought periodically affect rice in Bihar. Sometimes, flood and drought occur at the same time in different parts of the state. Early maturing varieties in such situations have an advantage as a preflood crop in low-lying areas or as rainfed upland rice when rains are scanty, resulting in drought. In addition, they also have potential for planting during the boro season. Very early maturing varieties (<100 d) such as Heera, Prasana, and Sattari, released earlier at the national level, have not been adopted by farmers mainly because of low yield and susceptibility to various diseases and insect pests.