HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 27 no. 2 (2002)

Performance of Elite Indian Rice Hybrids in Northern Philippines

E. D. Redoña | T. E. Mananghaya | I. A. De La Cruz | S.a. Ordoñez

Discipline: Agriculture, Crop Science



Hybrid rice technology is being used as a key approach to increase national rice production in the Philippines. Hybrid combinations from PhilRice, IRRI, and AgroSeeds are entered in national trials and to date, three have been released: PSBRc26H or Magat (IR62829A/IR29723-143-3-2-1R) in 1994, PSBRc72H or Mestizo (IR58025A/IR34686-179-1-2-1R) in 1997, and PSBRc76H or Panay(AgroSeeds hybrid) in 1999. PhilRice, the lead and coordinating agency for all rice research, development, and extension in the country, has been collaborating with hybrid rice programs of other countries to expedite hybrid rice technology development and use. The IRRI-Asian Development Bank-funded project Development and Use of Hybrid Rice in Asia, for example, has fostered and strengthened collaborative ties between the Philippine program and those of India and Vietnam.