HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 27 no. 2 (2001)

Production of Whole Chicken Egg Powder through Freeze-Drying and Oven-Drying

Agatha Khristine C. Lauricio | Cristy M. Bueno

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science



Freeze-drying and oven-drying methods were used in the production of whole chicken egg powder. Sensory attributes of whole egg powders and egg soup from egg powders were analyzed through panel evaluation. Analysis of the proximate composition showed significant differences in terms of moisture, ether extract and chlorine content. Freeze-dried egg powder had the highest mean composition for crude protein (51.53%) and ash (3.21 %). On the other hand, oven-dried had the highest mean composition for chlorine content (3.12%) and moisture (6.42%). No significant difference in ether extract, crude protein and crude fiber was observed from freeze-dried and oven-dried egg powder. Analysis of the sensory evaluation of the egg powder revealed significant difference in color and odor. Results showed no significant difference in terms of general acceptability between freeze-dried and oven-dried methods for whole egg powders and egg soup. However, results of the sensory evaluation of egg powder and egg soup for general acceptability showed that the fresh egg sample obtained the highest mean score.