HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 28 no. 1 (2003)

Determinants of a Premium-Priced, Special-Quality Rice

M. Leesawatwong | S. Jamjod | B. Rerkasem | S. Pinjai

Discipline: Economics, Agriculture



Thai Jasmine or Thai Hom Mali is Thailand’s special-quality rice for which local consumers and export markets are willing to pay a premium price. Thai Jasmine rice does not always receive a premium price from buyers. The price varies, depending on where the crop is grown. For example, milled rice (special grade, 100% head rice) from Prao is sold at a retail price of 22 baht kg–1(US$1 = 43 baht), that from Sanpatong costs 20 baht kg–1, whereas Mae Chan rice fetches 16 baht kg–1. Milled rice from Prao with 5% broken grain is priced at 17 baht kg–1. In this paper, we examined the relationship between quality parameters used by commercial rice buyers and the price they pay for KDML 105.