HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 28 no. 1 (2003)

Bhudeb, a New Variety for the Rainfed Lowland Ecosystem in Eastern India

S Mallik | C Kundu | B K. Mandal | S D. Chatterjee | S. N. Sen | P. K. Maiti | S. Bose

Discipline: Agriculture



The average yield of rice in the semideepwater ecosystem (41–75 cm) is less than 2 t ha–1 compared with 4 t ha–1 observed in the irrigated ecosystem. The State Variety Release Committee (SVRC) of West Bengal approved the release of a new variety, Bhudeb (CN1035-61), for the semideepwater ecosystem in November 2002. The F2 seeds of IR57540 were received from IRRI in 1988 and these were grown for generation advance, assessment, and selection, following the method suggested by Mallik et al (2002) at RRS. In 1995, CN1035-61 (IET14496), one of the selections from IR57540, was nominated to the National Program Initial Variety Trial.