HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 28 no. 1 (2003)

Integrated Weed Control in Drum-Seeded Wet-Seeded Rice

E. Subramanian | S. N. M. Ramachandra Boopathi | T. Srinivasan

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science



Transplanting of rice is a traditional practice in India, but cultivation of wet-seeded rice is gaining momentum because of the high labor demand for transplanting during the peak season. The weed menace is greater in wetseeded rice because the weeds and rice seedlings emerge at the same time. Though manual weeding is widely used, herbicides are considered more efficient in controlling weeds in wetseeded rice. The integration of chemical and manual weeding is essential for the effective management of weeds without affecting the environment. This experiment was conducted to test the efficacy of the following herbicides along with manual weeding: a presowing herbicide (glyphosate), a preemergence herbicide (pretilachlor with safener), and a new postemergence herbicide, butanil (butachlor + propanil mixture).