HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 28 no. 1 (2003)

Growth Stage Preference of Pink Stem Borer Sesamia Inferens (Walker)

R. Aggarwal | J. Singh

Discipline: Agriculture, Management, Pest Science



Considered a minor pest of rice, Sesamia inferens has been reported to cause severe damage to rice crops in the Punjab (Singh and Shera 2001). Because of the pest’s late appearance in the season, the Basmati crop, which is planted late, suffers the most from this pest. To observe the growth stage preference of the pink stem borer (PSB), two different experiments were set up. In the first experiment, 100 deadhearts or whiteheads from two rice varieties— PR114 and Basmati 386— were selected at random (Table 1). In the second experiment, 11 different rice varieties planted in two replications were studied for their reaction to different species of stem borer (Table 2). Twentyfive hills per rice variety per replication were selected at random to calculate percent whiteheads. Further, to record the extent of damage caused by the different stem borers, 20 whiteheads were taken from each rice variety. The deadhearts and whiteheads collected from these two experiments were split open to calculate the damage done by each stem borer species.