HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 28 no. 2 (2003)

Yield Performance Under the Rice Yaya Demonstration Program in Sri Lanka: A Case Study

U. P. N. S. Pathirana | M Wijeratne

Discipline: Agriculture, Management



Launched in 1997, the rice yaya (tract) demonstration program aimed to determine how farmers’ rice yields could be further improved. The program involves extension activities to promote integrated crop management and the use of good-quality seeds and to provide credit and training facilities in selected locations across several districts in Sri Lanka. This study evaluated the impact of the rice yaya demonstration program on rice production. A field investigation was undertaken in one of the dry-zone rice-growing districts of southern Sri Lanka, Hambantota.

Field work was carried out in the irrigated areas of Hambantota District. Two farmer categories in the tract program, participants and nonparticipants (40 each), were interviewed at the end of the 2001 yala (dry) season (Apr-Aug). Current and past yield data were recorded. Table 1 shows the yield performance in the past seasons of both participants and nonparticipants.