HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 28 no. 2 (2003)

A generator of a web map of biological interactions for rice invertebrates

W.j. Zhang | H.x. Wu | Y.h. Qi

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture



In a rice habitat, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of invertebrate taxa interact with each other. A complex web of biological interactions is thus generated. If we assume that 60 taxa are found in a rice habitat and they interact with each other, a total of 1,770 pathways will be generated on a web map. It is obviously impractical to draw this map by hand. However, we have not found a fast tool to generate the web map until now. For this reason, we developed network software to automatically generate a web map of biological interactions (direct or indirect) for rice invertebrates. A web map can be drawn by a computer with investigated data or pathway information included in an html file. Fourteen distance measures can be chosen for generating pairwise taxa with significant parametric or non-parametric correlations on the basis of randomization tests (Manly 1997, Qi and Zhang 2003, Zhang and Schoenly 2001) or classic statistical tests (Zhang and Fang 1982). Two choices are provided to generate web pathways: (1) the first is to com- pute significant correlations between taxa and (2) the second is to include the pathway information in the html file.