HomeInternational Rice Research Notesvol. 30 no. 1 (2005)

Inheritance of scentedness in two-line rice hybrids

L Mahalingam | N. Nadarajan

Discipline: Biology, Agriculture



Aroma in scented rice has its unique value, from both consumption and commercial points of view. Knowledge of the inheritance pattern of aroma would help in deciding what breeding methods to use to develop high yielding rice hybrids. Various techniques to detect and evaluate aroma, in order to study the inheritance of aroma in rice and improve the effectiveness of breeding programs for scented hybrid rice, have been proposed (Sood and Siddiq 1978). A digenic segregation ratio of 9 nonaroma:7 aroma was obtained by Tripathi and Rao (1979) and Hsieh and Wang (1988). The segregation ratios of nonaromatic to aromatic plants in two F2 populations from crosses between aromatic and nonaromatic and between nonaromatic and aromatic were both 3:1. This indicates the inheritance of a single recessive gene with regard to aroma but that, in one F2 population, from the cross nonaromatic/aromatic, the ratio was 9:7, indicating that two complementary recessive genes control aroma in aromatic rice (Dong et al 2001).