HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 30 no. 2 (2004)

Artificial Insemination of Normally Cycling and Heat-Induced Goats (Capra Hircus L.) Using Fresh Extended and Cryopreserved Semen

P.p. Sangel | Orville L. Bondoc | N.p. Roxas | Beatriz R. Garcia | Elizabeth D. Beltran | E.c. Lat

Discipline: Animal Science



Successful kidding of does bred by artificial insemination using fresh extended and frozen-thawed semen was demonstrated using TRIS-skim milk-citric acid-fructose-glycerol diluent. Despite the low sperm motility of frozen-thawed semen (i.e., 25.0% for Philippine Native and 29.4% for Anglo Nubian), average kidding rate for heat-induced does inseminated with frozen semen was 80.0%. Average twinning rate was higher in naturally cycling does inseminated with fresh semen (66.7%) than when AI was made on heat-induced does (25%). Longer gestation period was also found to be associated with higher twinning rate. Although constrained by the limited number of does used, this study showed a convenient and practicable technique in goat breeding using cryopreserved or frozen buck semen on heat-induced does.