HomeFatima University Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Class Scheduling System for URS – Binangonan Campus

Kriselle J. Abcede | Racenald Bryan A. Gonzaga | Roseann J. Ontoca | Jay-marc N. Zapanta | Marmelo V. Abante

Discipline: Computer Technology



The proponents plan to propose an IT Capstone Project entitled “Class Scheduling Management System for University of Rizal System”. This proposed Capstone Project intended to help to assign and plot the faculty of University of Rizal System on their designated rooms and schedules.The software will be managed and use by Administrative Dean and Program Head, the only capable of editing and or altering the said program. The proposed software will solve the existing problem encountered in manual system used by University of Rizal System.


This study focused on how to develop and deploy a Class Scheduling Management System that will enhance the traditional method of scheduling system used in University of Rizal System. The general objective of this study is to develop an effective and efficient scheduling of University classrooms, to help minimize the admin, head and instructor’s problem during the starts of classes and to maximize availability of classes to the students of University of Rizal System Antipolo Campus. For University of Rizal System Antipolo Campus, the result of the study can provide the management a view of their scheduling process. In gathering data, the proponents used different gathering instruments such as interview guide, survey form, questionnaires, library research and web surfing for gathering data to provide the researchers relevant information for the development of the system.


With value to the functionalities of the proposed system, the respondents of the survey found out that the proposed system is better to use than the existing system in the university. The Dean and the Faculty of University of Rizal System prefer to use the computerized Class Scheduling System in the future. The proposed system resolves the problems and conflicts in the manual process.


The proponents concluded that the following are the foremost conclusions pertaining to the study: (1) The proposed system provides an organize process of scheduling the class in the University of Rizal System. (2) The proposed system gives ease and handiness to the user based on the functionality of the system. A better service and a high quality process in the scheduling system of the University of Rizal System Antipolo Campus. (3)The system is capable of providing a fast scheduling processes resulting to a better scheduling transaction for the part of Dean and the faculty members but also for the students. (4) It minimized and completely removes all the drawbacks of the manual scheduling.