HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 33 no. 2 (2007)

Production Performance and Marketing of Native Chicken in the First and Fourth Districts of Iloilo

R.a.i.n. Lingayal | Maria Cynthia R. Oliveros | Veneranda A. Magpantay

Discipline: Agribusiness



A total of 130 respondents (70 from the first district and 60 from the fourth district) were interviewed using a structured questionnaire to get the production performance of native chicken and marketing system in the first and fourth districts of Iloilo. Results showed significant differences in the average number of eggs laid, average number of eggs hatched, clutch interval and average feed cost per chicken per day in the first and fourth districts of Iloilo. No significant differences were noted in the number of native chicken raised, mating ratio, average number of eggs set for hatching, mortality rate and average feed consumption of chicken per day. In the marketing system, significant differences were noted in the prices of pullets and hens, price of eggs/piece and price of eggs/dozen. No significant differences were noted on the basis of marketability, average number of chickens sold, average price of cockerels, average price of roosters and household consumption of native chickens and eggs. Results tended to show that in the first and fourth districts of Iloilo, native chicken plays an important role in meeting the demand for poultry products of rural families. Their chicken meat and egg requirements could be completely supplied by their own flocks. Based on the study, the presence of regular market for native chicken and its product in Iloilo had the highest impact on the development of this sector in the province.