HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 34 no. 2 (2008)

Efficacy Of The DA-RFU 7 Locally Produced ND Vaccine For The Prevention And Control Of Newcastle Disease In Native Chicken

R.b. Cadeliña | D.b. Capuno | V.g. Batoy

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science



The efficacy of DA-RFU 7 locally produced Inactivated Oil Emulsion Newcastle Disease Vaccine to prevent and control Newcastle disease (ND) in native chickens was assessed at Region 6 (Iloilo province) and Region 7 (Negros Oriental province) in Visayas area, and Region 10 (Bukidnon province) in Mindanao area. Research cooperators were identified based on high risk incidence of ND. A total of 1,500 head chickens (500 head per region) were provided with wing bands for identification. The chickens were vaccinated twice with the DA-7 locally produced ND vaccine. Pre- and post-vaccination blood were collected for serological testing. Samples were examined through hemagglutination inhibition technique for antibody detection. Results for the three regions showed a significant increase in geometric mean titer level of the vaccinated chickens during the 1st and 2nd vaccination. Three weeks after the 2nd vaccination, chickens were subjected to challenge test. Ninety vaccinated chickens were randomly selected and brought to the Biologics Vaccine Production Laboratory. Thirty unvaccinated chickens served as control. Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated chickens were inoculated with challenge virus and observed for 14 days. At three days post inoculation, all the unvaccinated chickens died; however, vaccinated chickens remained healthy and showed no ND infection during the 14 days observation period. Results of the necropsy conducted on unvaccinated chickens showed a remarkable infection of ND. Challenge result showed that the DA-RFU 7 locally produced ND vaccine produced antibodies that protected against ND on free range native chickens with various system of management.