HomePhilippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciencesvol. 35 no. 1 (2009)

Profitability Of Enhancing Growth Rate Of Underweight Piglets With Nutrient Metabolites

Antonio J. Barroga | Rocelyn M. Barroga

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine



The study investigated the potential of nutrient metabolites (NM) in enhancing growth of underweight piglets and the profitability of the improvement rate. One hundred sixty (160) underweight piglets (Class C <5 kg at 19.56 days) were allotted to two treatments at four replicates with 20 pigs per replicate, namely: pre-starter diet (PS) and pre-starter diet + 500 grams/100 kg NM (PS+NM). Post weaning growth performance was monitored at day 0-13 post weaning, day 13-27 post weaning and day 0-27 post weaning. Results indicated impressive growth recovery at 13 days after weaning for the PS+NM group with an ADG of 227 g/d which was 17% higher than the ADG of the PS group with only 194 g/d (P<0.05). A significant feed conversion ratio was noted from day 13-27 post weaning and day 0-27 post weaning with improvement rates of 43.24% (P<0.05) and 31.97% (P<0.01), respectively. Finally, the comparative profitability showed that the PS+NM group had a net income of PhP 474.90 as compared to only PhP 272.65 for the PS group or 74.18% higher. The above results indicate the growth promotion effect and profitability of utilizing NM as an “add on” basis in the pre-starter diet of underweight piglets.