HomeFatima University Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Local Area Network Wired and Wireless Simulator

Roque P. Bismanos Jr. | Rhoda Ann O. Dulay | John Richard G. Ignacio | Romelito L. Pereña | Karen Rose S. Ubaldo

Discipline: Computer Technology



This type of networking will let the users choose a computer laboratory that will send the data to the target PC. The system has the different types of topologies which are bus, ring, and star. It also has the wireless network. With this new user-friendly simulation, it is possible to connect to the PC Hub. With the help of this system, user can network the computer in a short period of time. A computer network is nothing but a connection of two or more computers by a wire (physical cable) or by a wireless connection to exchange information. The two types of network that can be developed in home are wireless network and traditional wired network (Ethernet). With regards the problems of the students in the ground of networking and connecting to the computer, the study can help the students of Our Lady of Fatima University Lagro in networking.


The study focused on the simulation of computer network operation using application software. The main propose of the study is to develop a system which will provide its beneficiaries with information about the different network topologies and how data is transferred within them. Each time the user needs to connect to the computer, the program allows the user to choose from the three types of computer laboratory i.e. Computer 1, Computer 2, and Computer 3. Once the user had already chosen from the three options, the program could allow the user to send the data to the target PC. The proposed system provides option for the user in the types of topologies namely Bus, Star, and Ring. At that time, the program can connect to the computer with the help of the PC Hub. The program would solve the networking problem and will send the data by clicking the send button.


In order to estimate the existing and the proposed system, as well as to know which is better, the proponents conducted a survey. The respondents, who are the students of Our Lady of Fatima University, participated in answering the survey and testing the system and resolve which is better than the existing system and proposed system. However, the user-friendly, effectiveness, accessibility, and the speed rated as strongly agree in proposed system.