HomePhilippine Journal of Linguisticsvol. 39 no. 1 (2008)

Intelligibility, Acceptability, Target-likeness: Teacher vs. Student Perspectives on the Teaching of Pronunciation within an EIL Framework

Claudia Kunschak | Fan Fang

Discipline: Study and Teaching



With the spread and development of English around the world, a great many places have adopted and adapted the language of Shakespeare and numerous varieties have been formed. A case in point is China, where the English language has gained an unprecedented and high status today. This paper explores the standards and models of teaching and learning pronunciation in Chinese universities at the example of one medium-sized tertiary institution in Southern China. For this purpose, different samples of varieties of English have been presented to teachers and students at the local English Language Center. Using a questionnaire, the study has furthermore aimed t o identify the varieties of English which teachers and/or students prefer and the level of pronunciation the latter will try to achieve. Finally, the conclusion will suggest a more appropriate model of teaching and learning English pronunciation for both teachers and students in Chinese universities.