HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

The Employability and Productivity od TIP Engineering Graduates, SY 2004-2005

Jasmin D. Niguidula

Discipline: Economics, Education, Social Science



This research helps unleash the status of the TIP Manila engineering graduates after leaving their alma mater and while trying to have the taste and feel of their chosen field of profession. The success or failure of the graduates’ productivity as perceived by a lot of people varies depending on the personality of fortuneness of a person. This study identifies the factors, which affect the employability and productivity of the TIP engineering graduates.

The inquiry and research process were used as a pattern in accomplishing the study. The stages are as follows: preparing for research, accessing resources, processing information and transferring learning. As part of the study, overall employment rate of the respondents came up to be 76.81% and majority are said to be male respondents. 69.81% are enjoying their chosen field of profession with an average income of P11,666 every month. A share of 24.49% are now managers of their own field and 9.43% are said to be working abroad.

TIP engineering graduates of batch 2005 have a high employment rte 76.81% but still the mere fact that 23.195 are still unemployed this pulls the standing of employment rate downwards. Almost two years after graduation, the respondents were able to be at least above 90% employed considering the average waiting time of getting the first job in the study that happens to be 8.6 months only. In terms of productivity, our respondents were able to produce good result of having majority of then working in their expertise side and earning above minimum rate salary. It is pleasant to find out that 24.49% are now managers of their field and 9.43% are now working outside the country.