HomeFatima University Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

The Impact of Emotional Quotient to Color Preference and Clinical Performance among Filipino Nurses

Jeorjanna M. Medina | Jezzanyn Drapete | Jirah Due | Christine Jofel Garcia | Gail Justine Gonzales | Josa Martinez | Junior Benedict Morales | Reina Obbamen | Christian V. Del Rosario

Discipline: Health, Nursing



In light with determination of several variables that can potentially and actually affect the nurses clinical performance the researchers arrived at testing the impact of EQ relative to competency of the nurses' performance in their workplace. Moreover, for practical and practical reasons, the study was also conducted to determine the relationship of a person's EQ to their color preference. The study used a quantitative approach. Results were extracted from the responses of 30 Filipino nurses in the selected tertiary hospital. Hence, the study quantified two different sets of variables: (1) EQ to color preference and (2) EQ to clinical performance. The whole endeavor arrived at a conclusion that EQ is not a favorable tool in determining the competency of nurses in their workplace. Similarly, results reveal that no strong evidence links the EQ to color preference. Hence, it is conclusive that no single factor can be a determinant of the other.