HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

A Proposed Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Calapan City, Calapan Oriental Mindoro for CY 2007-2012

Edgar M. Chavez

Discipline: Social Science, Geology, Governance



The existing setting of Calapan City growth is composed of infrastructure, civic and service centers, parks and planned open spaces, neighborhoods, landmarks, roads and walkways, and other public and private places. The comprehensive land use development plan delineates the direction and extent of expansion of urban and other built-up areas of the city and municipalities within the province. Gearing toward the role of this proposed Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) is one of the major goals of the local government of Calapan city. This study was undertaken to pursue the continuation of an existing CLUP until reaching the twelve (12) year development plan by 2012.

This study provide a high level of access to economic opportunities and community services as well as ensure sustainable use of land resources and the preservation of critical environmental values.

This is a case study of Calapan City. Calapan City was taken as the case study area because there is a perceived need for the continuation of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the city to attain its development goals and objectives. In carrying out the objectives of the study, an actual site observation and investigation were conducted more especially on the study area where planned unit development would be more advantageous. Several interviews were conducted with the local officials and concerned staff in the preparation of the development plans.