HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Determinants of the Acceptability of Selected Metro Manila Marine Student Graduates by Shipping Companies for Apprenticeship

Gerardo T. Tañada

Discipline: Economics, Education, Maritime Studies



The global confluence of economic and social development would mean greater improvement for people, goods and materials. It is a considerable fact that the general means of transporting goods and materials is still through the water transport. Thus, the shipping industry continues to play a vital role in the economic dynamism of the world. As a result, it is clear that seafarers remain to be in great demand.

This study was conducted to look into the determinants of acceptability prospects and job relevance among Marine graduates in Metro Manila who were employed in different shipping companies. Specifically, the study tried to find out the waiting period and job relevance among employed graduates classified according to personal, school, and firm characteristics. The respondents of this investigation were two hundred forty-five randomly selected Marine graduates employed in different shipping companies in Metro Manila. Combinations of stratified and multi-stage sampling techniques were used. This descriptive-correlational research utilized frequency counts, percentages, assigned scales, means, and standard deviations as descriptive statistics, and Multiple Regression Analysis and Logistic Regression Analysis set at .05 as inferential statistics. All statistical computation was done via the Statistical Packages for Social Sciences software. Mean waiting period to land their first job was 7.87 months; and relevance of job to field of specialization was 54.28%. The determinant of waiting period was school facilities. This implied that graduates who rated their school facilities excellent had longer waiting period. The determinants of job relevance were course, nature and position of jobs, firms’ economic activity, and use of academic records and gender as the firms’ methods of recruitment.