HomeMMSU CTE Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2002)

Levels of Questions, Wait-time and Students’ Verbal Responses

Elsie R. Marcelino



This study looked into the levels of questions asked by Science II (Biology) teachers, and wait- time and verbal responses of the students. It specifically looked into the levels of the questions asked by the teachers; length of time teachers wait for students to reply to questions of the different levels; how these levels affect the teacher’s wait- time; the quality of the verbal responses students give to the questions asked at different levels; and how the levels of questions affect the corresponding students’ verbal responses.

This study utilized the descriptive research method using actual non-participant classroom observation to describe the levels of question, wait-time and students’ verbal responses. 

Using a checklist on the questions asked by the teacher during verbal interaction, the questions were categorized based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Questions.  The students’ verbal responses were, likewise, categorized and described through a modified checklist proposed by Merill  (Amodia, 2000).

Not all science teachers teach Science II (Biology) so only those five teachers handling Science II (Biology) and their respective classes were taken as samples.