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Unveiling the Experiences of Registered Nurses in Giving Care to the Geriatric Clients: A Golden Touch

Revelation Arellano | Ma. Lourdes Barrios | Ivy Carigo | Liezl Casas | Nikko Angelo Cruz | Jamaica De Guzman | Arriane Joy Delos Reyes | Abegail Ann Estipona | Louise Lane Javier | Mary Ann Reyes | Cheryl S. Lenon | Melvin Medes

Discipline: Health, Nursing



The researchers aimed to explore the experiences of registered nurses in giving care to geriatric clients and to uncover the life of registered nurses behind the care for geriatric clients. There are different fields in nursing where we can give efficient care to people and geriatrics is one of those. In geriatrics there are different approaches of care. Nurses giving care to geriatric clients may have different experiences and from those experiences the researcher may be able to uncover new knowledge that may be applied in caring for these clients. The study utilized a descriptive phenomenological design. It described the lived experiences of the registered nurses in giving care to geriatric clients. It was conducted in a home for the aged in Antipolo City and based on the inclusion set by the researcher, 7 registered nurses were chosen as the participants of the study. The researcher selected the participants using the purposive sampling. The method of gathering the experiences comprised unstructured in-depth interviews and storytelling of the participants. The technique established by Colaizzi (1978) served as the method for the analysis of this phenomenological study. After thorough analysis of the narratives, four (4) themes transpired. The following are: (1) Glittering Treasures: Savor to Possess; (2) Chain of Love: Cord that binds; (3) Heaven Sent: Work without Benefits; and (4) The Journey: A Remarkable Experience. Nurses caring for geriatric clients narrated that feelings and relationships were developed so the attachment is hard to break. Even though they care without receiving anything in return they feel happy, fulfilled and contented. Based on the result, the study revealed that the nurses perspective have significant similarities on how they approach and care the geriatric clients. The study revealed that the life of a nurse giving care to geriatric clients is a Golden Touch of love.

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