HomeIntegritas: Research Journal of the Philippine Military Academyvol. 1 no. 1 (2010)

PMAEE Item and Test Analysis: 2001-2007

Edwin M. Tagimacruz | Magdalena Martinez



Prior to entry to the Philippine Military Academy, an applicant shall undergo a series of qualifying tests and to determine his fitness to cadetship in the Philippine Military Academy. The initial step is to qualify and take the Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination (PMAEE). This study aims to examine the quality of the items Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination (PMAEE) as a whole. Its objectives are to determine item and test statistics of the Mathematics (MATH), English (ENGL) and the Special PMA Aptitude (SPMA) components of the PMAEE and to exploit the resulting item and test statistics of each component of the PMAEE in identifying items that need revision or improvement. As a result, this study has produced item and test statistics that suggest that the three sets of PMAEE needs revision. This research study was undertaken with the hope of providing insights for the PMA administration in its cadet procurement function.