HomeTIP Research Journal Manilavol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

Development of a Software-Based Electrical Expansion Program for TIP Manila Founder’s Building

Eric L. Ybañez

Discipline: Information Technology, Electrical, Computer Technology



Authorities who investigate fires in many buildings always claim that electrical faulty wiring is the main cause of fires.  It sounds like electricians and electrical engineers are to be blamed for the accident.  But electrical engineers conduct inspection and testing of the electrical power system before a certain building is turned over to the owner.  During the turnover, it is expected that fault if any will be detected. This is also done in expansion programs.

It is better that before expansion begins, a load flow analysis is conducted in the electrical system.  The load flow analysis helps to pinpoint problems in the existing system and determine the effects of additions and upgrades before they are done.  It gives the data needed to confidently plan improvements to the system and justify the decisions being made.

Like the building in the Arlegui campus of TIP, the Founder’s building in Casal campus also houses various departments, classrooms, libraries and some offices especially administrative offices.  Renovations and additional loads, particularly installations of air-conditioning units in offices and different classrooms, which are converted to air-conditioned offices and computer laboratories, were done through the years.  To ensure safety of the building, a load flow analysis should be conducted in this building.  In this process, the load flow of the Founder’s building is determined whether the existing power system of the Founder’s building can sustain a large expansion. 

The riser diagram for the existing electrical system of the Founder’s building was analyzed to study the possibilities of having expansion.  This expansion include putting up of air-conditioning units in the ground, second, third, fourth and sixth floors of the Founder’s building.  Since fifth floor is now air-conditioned, so it is not included in the expansion.  Before doing this, the existing loading, actual voltage, current, voltage drops and power losses were determined using Electrical Design and System Analysis (EDSA) power system software.